The Dog Pro-Social

Dog and Puppy socialization training

The Dog Pro-Social $300 for 4 sessions

This program is for clients who attended Argos Dog Training Puppy Kindergarten 1 and/or 2. Some of my Puppy K clients want the opportunity to continue meeting with us to allow their dogs to practice their pro-social behavior, ask questions, and discuss training. This program is designed for you. The Dog Pro-Social is a lot like our Puppy K socialization classes. We continue to work on and improve your ability to communicate with your dog at the start of the hour-or-so-long class. We practice and reinforce leash etiquette in the presence of other dogs so your dog understands what is expected of them while they are on the leash with you. The second part of the class allows your dogs to be pro-social or social with the other dogs in the class. Dogs who practice anti-social behavior will not be allowed to attend this program. Below you will find the list of prerequisites for this program. 


Prerequisites and Requirements: 

  • Argos Puppy Kindergarten 1 and/or Argos Puppy Kindergarten 2
  • Enrollment in the Argos SuperCycles Canine Communication Program Directed Study or Independent Study with the Support Group
  • Owners must agree not to bring their dogs to dog parks, fields where dogs meet, or unstructured daycare environments.
  • Owner and trainer must agree the dog enjoys or is benefitting from the socialization opportunity

This Program includes: 

  • Weekly face-to-face meetings with your dog trainers
  • Questions and answer sessions 
  • Trick and communication training
  • Dog socialization 
Price: $300 for 4 classes.