The Guiding Light

Argos dog training in Boston

The Guiding Light

Argos Dog Training is unique, with different goals than other dog training companies. One example of this difference is that we have two mottos: A motto for the public and our employees and clients.

Our external motto is, “Enjoy Your Dog!!!” We believe that everyone should be able to bring joy and get joy from their dogs in nearly any situation. There are a lot of people with beloved dogs that they can’t fully enjoy. This motto is intended to uplift those people and show them some things that will help them get to the point of enjoyment with their pup.

Our internal motto is “Excellence, Not Excuses.” This motto helps us stay focused on our mission and reminds us to do the best we can in all aspects of the service we provide to our clients. We know that if we stay present and do our jobs to the best of our ability, we will not have to make excuses for our performance or the dog’s performance. This motto also helps our clients understand the commitment needed to make the necessary changes to improve their lives with their dogs. We are an example to our clients. We know that if they focus and stay present with their dogs, they will have an excellent experience and enjoy their dog.

Staying focused on our mission is imperative for our mottos to be factual. We help you build harmony and structure in your relationship with your dog and teach you to communicate clearly so you can always Enjoy Your Dog!!! That is our mission. We consider ourselves guides and examples to our clients. We aim to teach you what you need to know and do to solve your pet-related problems and achieve your goals. We understand that the most significant effect we can have on your dog’s behavior will occur through the things we can teach you in the time we have together. 

These thoughts and philosophies inform our core beliefs. 

Argos Dog Training Core Beliefs 

  1. Our clients provide the best possible lives for their dogs.
  2. Dogs are a social species that live in packs with their biological and found family members.
  3. Each dog will respond to each person according to how they present themselves to the dog.
  4. Dogs can understand the concepts of “yes” and “no.”
  5. When we adopt a dog into our family, we owe that dog; food, water, a safe place to eat, drink and sleep, and time to interact with, play with, train, and walk the dog. 
  6. Dogs do not exist to please people; they have their own goals and motivations.
  7. Dogs and people want to get through life without undue stress in their environment, families, and relationships.
  8. When people take the time to clarify boundaries and expectations for their dog’s behavior and prove to the dog that they are reliable, it helps reduce stress and build family relationships.
  9. We value kindness when working with dogs and each other.
  10. We respect the canine species, our dogs’ breeding, our dogs’ temperament, and our dogs’ energy level. We allow those factors to influence our behavior towards and our training of our dogs. 

If you agree with this statement and are willing to do the work, you found the right dog trainer, and chances are you will not need to hire another dog trainer even if you get another dog. 

Thank you for reading, and Enjoy Your Dog!!!