The Mission Programs


We help you build harmony by teaching and supporting your practice of gauging and reducing your dog’s stress level. We help you build the structure of your relationship by teaching you to demonstrate to your dog that you control the timing of events and their immediate environment. Then, we show you how to use that control to create clear boundaries and expectations for their behavior. Finally, we teach you how to communicate quickly and clearly with your dog, by being an example, giving you helpful resources, and providing a support system to help guide your development. These programs teach you to:

  • Help your dog achieve a calm state of mind when you are alone or around distractions.
  • Set clear boundaries and expectations for your dog so they know how you expect them to behave.
  • Communicate clearly with your dog
    • You will learn how to teach your dog by communicating your ideas.
    • You will learn to read, acknowledge, and act on your dog’s body language and intentions, allowing you to gain information from their behavior. 
    • We will study effective strategies to improve your ability to get your dog’s attention and focus, especially around distractions.

These skills will enable you to build a strong relationship with your dog. A strengthened relationship with your dog will help YOU STOP the following behaviors: 

  • Pulling on the leash
  • Leash reactivity 
  • Poor behavior when guests arrive
  • Counter-surfing 
  • Over-excitement 
  • Barking out window
  • Rushing out the door/attempting to escape
  • Unwanted Jumping 
  • Separation anxiety 
  • Demand Barking 
  • Anxiety in Public
  • Aggression
  • Possessiveness/resource guarding 
  • Playing keep away
  • Destroying your things
  • Not coming when called
  • Barking at the TV
  • Digging
  • Eating things from the ground 


With a stronger relationship with your dog, you can look forward to:

  • Harmony and Peace at Home
  • Clear and Respected Boundaries and Expectations for Your Dog’s Behavior
  • Great communication skills and an ability to make requests and get immediate compliance 
  • Calm, Enjoyable Walks
  • Good behavior in any situation
  • A dog that is ready and willing to engage in other training activities
  • A friendship with your dog that gets better every day
  • An immediate reduction in anxiety and stress caused to your family due to your dog’s behavior. 
  • Easy Management
  • You can use these skills with any dog to be accepted, respected, and understood.
Family training their dog
dog trainer giving black and brown dog a treat while he sits and behaves
a husky puppy on a leash with their owner holding it

These programs are designed around Heather’s Heros Certified Trainer Core Values and Argos Dog Training Core Beliefs and Mission.


Heather’s Heros Core Values 

  • Holistic Approach 
  • Human-Canine Bond
  • Continuous Learning 
  • Trust and Transparency


The Mission Program includes


  • Board and Training and/or Private sessions 
  • Your Dog Training Client Folder
    • instructions for reducing your dog’s latent stress and reinforcing structured relationships. 
    • A flow chart to help you learn and understand our communication system.
    • A sample 24-hour schedule for training and living with your dog. (This is the same schedule I follow during a board and train program.)
    • An outline that gives step-by-step instructions for all SuperCycles training exercises and games
  • Your Digital Notebook 
    • 19 Video lessons with an average running time of under 5 minutes
    • Homework assignments with review and feedback 
  • The SuperCycles Independent Study Program
    • Forty-three dog training videos with an average playing time of under 4 minutes showing all the games and exercises we practice during your six private sessions.
    • You can earn colored collars to acknowledge your effort and achievements as you master the 20 practical exercises designed to perfect communication with your dog.
  • Become Your Dog’s Hero – Book by Heather Beck
  • Videos of your dog in training every day of their board and train program
  • Three Months of Free Access to our online support group for continued support during and after your training program
  • All Training Tools except Treats and Treat Pouches.
  • Acceptance for group activities, pack walks, group classes, and private seminars.

The Works! – $10,000

  • 25 days of boarding and training 
  • 25 example videos of your dog in training – one video will be posted each day of the board and train module of the program 
  • 10 Private sessions 
  • 2.5 months of intense training (Pretty much one semester)
  • 5 Safety Commands – Heel, Sit, Come, Down, Place 
  • On and Off leash instruction
  • Highest level of Service and Support


Let’s Go! The Mission Fast Start! – $4,500

  • 13 days of Board and Train 
  • 13 Example videos of your dog in training – one video will be posted each day of the board and train module of the program
  • Six private sessions 
  • 1.5 months of intense training
  • On-leash instruction with distractions
  • Teach your dog to Be Calm, Sit, Come, Stay, and Place on command even around distractions.


The Private Mission – $2,600

  • Eight private dog training sessions 
  • Teach your dog to Be Calm, Sit, Come, Stay, and Place on command even around distractions.
  • Teach your dog learning games and quality time activities.


Mini Mission Private – $1,000

  • Four Private sessions exploring and practicing the following topics together
    • Teaching Calm/Being Calm
    • Teaching Calm walking 
    • Teaching Zen Zone
    • Teaching Supportive Shadowing 
    • Teaching Food Play
    • Teaching Toy Play
    • Using games to aid communication