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What is the people's wolf?

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The Peoples’ Wolf Podcast is a unique podcast for pet dog owners that comments on news stories that feature dogs from the perspective of a professional dog trainer and a pet dog owner. The purpose of this podcast is to make the public aware of things that can happen with dogs and learn about dogs and how they help humanity. I have looked and have not found a podcast like it.

Your hosts are me (Martin) and Katie (one of my senior dog training students and a chemist). We are curious people, with good humor that are good friends and have great conversations even when not recorded.

About Martin

​I was born in Nightingale Grove, Jamaica, in 1977. My father and my grandfather were farmers. I spent my early years around dogs, cats, cows, goats, and other common farm animals. I was taught to respect all living things, but I always had a special relationship with dogs.

When we came to America, we could not own a dog. So I spent a lot of time playing with their dogs in my neighbors’ yards. As a child, stray dogs regularly followed me home until my mother put an end to that. (It was the eighties; it was pretty common to see stray dogs in my neighborhood.)

I attended the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus, Ohio, where I learned from Bob Jervis and the trainers at National K-9. I took the “Master Trainer” course and learned a lot. My focus was on communication, puppy development, and behavior modification. I joined two worldwide trainer associations: the National K9 Dog Trainers Association and the International Association of Canine Professionals. In 2021 I was elected to the IACP Board of Directors, and I started my first term in 2022.  

About katie

Katie is a Boston native and lives in the city with her husband, her dog, and her bearded dragon.  Katie has enjoyed pet ownership since childhood – having everything from iguanas to guinea pigs, fish, hamsters, and snakes.  Katie is a first-time dog owner to her rescue pittie, Layla, and a long-time Argos Dog Training loyalist.  Katie and Layla have completed basic obedience and advanced off-leash communications.  Katie is passionate about responsible dog ownership, and moving through the world with Layla in a way that prioritizes Layla’s safety, and is considerate of other people and dogs. 

Katie is a chemist by training and works in the dynamic and ever-changing biotech industry, helping bring important medications to cancer patients, which she enjoys greatly.  Katie is additionally the leader of her company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, and is especially proud to be a supporter and member of the Argos family – a Black-owned business. When she’s not working, Katie most enjoys spending time with her husband and Layla – she loves getting out into nature, especially hiking and paddleboarding, and also enjoys playing board games (Catan!), traveling, and lifting weights.

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