Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

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Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

Bringing home a new dog is one of the happiest days for any animal lover! Before you rush to the shelter to find your new canine companion, it’s important to consider all aspects of being a responsible pet owner. Take some time to work through this checklist before signing any adoption papers to ensure your new dog has the best life possible!

Do You Have Enough Time?

Dogs require a big-time commitment. If your schedule is already packed to the brim, you won’t be able to give your dog the time it needs to have a happy and healthy life. If you don’t have enough time to give your dog the interaction and exercise that it needs, hiring a professional dog walker is a great option!

Is Your Home Pet-Friendly?

Certain plants and foods are toxic to dogs if ingested. Going through your home inside and out to eliminate any potential dangers is the easiest way to avoid a catastrophe. Use this time to move items that would be easy for your dog to chew on or swallow too. Once your dog gets adjusted you probably won’t have to keep everything locked down, but in the beginning, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

What Breed is the Best Fit for Your Lifestyle?

Certain dog breeds require higher amounts of physical activity than others. Choose a breed that will be compatible with your lifestyle to make for an easy transition. If you regularly take walks, runs, or hikes, get a dog that will enjoy those activities with you! Once you’ve decided on a breed you can start purchasing must-have items like food, a leash, and dog toys.

Find a Vet and Trainer

Check out your local area to find a vet and trainer that you feel comfortable with. just because you don’t have a dog yet doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions about their services for after you get the dog! Find a vet that’s in close proximity to your house, established in the community, and familiar with the dog breed you’re considering adopting. Having a trainer lined up ahead of time will make it easy to get obedience classes started right away. Professional dog training will help teach your dog how to walk on and off a leash, interact with other pets, interact with people, avoid food aggression, and so much more!

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