Tips for Training Your Dog to Come When Called

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Tips for Training Your Dog to Come When Called

Whether you’re training a new puppy or improving your dog’s current training, getting your dog to come when called is crucial for a well-behaved four-legged friend. However, it can be challenging to get your dog to consistently come when you call for him. If you’re having a hard time getting Fido to come to you, here are a few tips for training your dog to come when called.

Start Slow

When you begin any type of dog training, it’s best to start slow. Don’t worry about adding on any other tricks or commands too early. Wait until they’ve mastered this one before teaching them how to sit or speak. Additionally, you should start this training in a comfortable environment without too many distractions. Ideally, you should be in a room with a closed door, so your dog can focus on the task at hand.

Choose Your Command

When choosing the command, you want your dog to respond to, make sure it’s one he can easily recognize. A single-syllable word is best, with the most common commands being “come,” “here,” and “now.” However, you can use any word you like as long as everyone who will be using it agrees to be consistent.

Reward the Behavior

Dogs learn best when they are rewarded, so make sure that you have some high-value rewards on hand for training sessions. This could be your dog’s favorite chew toy or a delicious bite-sized treat. Make sure that you reward them each time they come when called so that they associate the action with something pleasant.

It’s also important not to use the command as a punishment. In other words, if you only use the command to get them to stop doing something fun, like playing or sniffing something, they’ll consider the command a punishment and will begin to resist it.


As with anything, practice makes perfect. When you begin teaching your dog the new command, you’ll need to make consistent practice a focus. For the first training session, call your dog’s name, so he is looking at you, then say the command word. Don’t repeat the word, but encourage your pup to come to you through eye contact and physical excitement. When he arrives, give him the treat or toy. Then repeat the process a few more times, taking a break after five or so minutes. Hold a few training sessions throughout the day.


Once your dog comes to you without hesitation, it’s time to add some challenges. For the first challenge, step outside of the room and call your pup. Once he masters this, go into another room entirely, then even further away. As he is able to come when called indoors, you can begin to practice outdoors where there are more distractions.

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