Tips to Train Your Dog to Learn Basic Commands

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Tips to Train Your Dog to Learn Basic Commands

Having a well-behaved dog will make your daily life easier, especially when you’re away from the house. A dog that isn’t trained is more likely to be put in harms way when you’re out and about. Having a dog that understands how to listen to basic commands will give you more confidence during walks, at dog parks, and pretty much every other scenario you and your pup will ever be in! Keep these tips in mind to set yourself up for successful training the first time around.

Train in Short Intervals Multiple Times a Day

Dogs have short attention spans. Trying to teach your dog everything at once will only lead to frustration for both of you. Instead, break the training up into short intervals multiple times a day. Start with 10-minute sessions 3 to 5 times a day. To be most effective, training sessions shouldn’t last more than 15 minutes.

Be Patient

Patience is the key to building a strong relationship with your dog. It’s important to remember that your dog wants to learn commands just as much as you want to teach them because ultimately, dogs love to please their owners! Keep a positive attitude and don’t let your dog see you discouraged if they don’t pick up a command as quickly as you’d like.

Praise the Positives

When your dog listens to a command, offer lots of praise! Some people use small treats during the training process, but head scratches and words of affirmation work just as well. Your dog will see the praise they got and then repeat that same command in the future to receive their praise again!

Know the Basic Commands

Don’t jump into training your dog without a plan. Stick to the basics and follow tried and true training methods. Some of the most basic commands include:

  • Heel – the heel command helps your dog walk better on their leash and eventually maybe even without a leash. Teach this command by walking your dog on their leash and saying “heel” followed by the dog’s name. Say the command as you give the leash a tug to keep the dog even with your knee. Praise them when they walk in that position. If they start to pull ahead, give the command again and repeat the process.
  • Sit – using treats to teach your dog to sit will likely speed up the process, but you can just use positive reinforcement too. Get close to your dog and hold your hand above their head while saying “sit” followed by the dog’s name. if the dog doesn’t sit, gently tap their butt to signal what you’re asking them to do. Repeat the process and praise them each time they sit on command.
  • Come – attach your dog to a 6-foot-long leash or rope. Walk away from the dog, then ask them to come to you. When they do, praise them! Repeat this process until they’ll respond to the command and come wherever you are.

If you need assistance training your dog, contact Argos Dog Training today to schedule an obedience lesson! An obedience training course may be just the push you and your dog have been needing to confidently take on the training process.