Training Tips for Dogs with Aggression

aggressive dog barking and showing teeth

Training Tips for Dogs with Aggression

Every dog has their own unique personality and that’s what makes them such a great companion to have. Unfortunately, some dogs show more aggression than others. Having an aggressive dog can be a danger to yourself, other pets, children, and anyone who comes into your home. Luckily, most dogs can manage their aggression with training and lifestyle changes.

Identifying Aggression

Signs of aggression in dogs escalate through multiple levels before getting to the point of actually biting someone or something. Identifying early warning signs of aggression will allow you to address the problem sooner and correct the behavior easier. Common signs of aggression include:

  • Snarling teeth
  • Pacing back and forth
  • Holding eye contact
  • Growling and barking
  • Lunging
  • Light biting or nipping that doesn’t break the skin

These behaviors can quickly escalate to more severe biting or multiple bites.

Common Causes of Aggression

Aggression doesn’t usually happen without a reason. Dogs are pack animals, which means they are both territorial and possessive. Your dog likely thinks it is protecting your home, family members, other pets, or its own belongings from someone or something when it begins to get aggressive. Dogs that are showing aggression at inappropriate times can become dangerous to people and animals alike. For instance, a dog that gets aggressive anytime someone is near their bed or toys, could snap at a child or other animal because they feel territorial, even if no real threat was present.

Another common cause of aggression in dogs is the need to assert dominance. If they are around other animals or people and want to feel dominant, they will show signs of aggression as an attempt to set their status and let it be known that they’re the “pack leader.”

Training Tips

Training an aggressive dog is about managing their aggression and teaching them that you are in charge, not them. Hiring an experienced professional dog trainer is the safest and fastest way to correct your dog’s behavior. Dog trainers use positive behavior correction to fix negative behaviors without punishing the dog. Rather you have one or two sessions to learn tips on how to talk to your dog in a calm and assertive way, or if you decide to put them through a full obedience course, you’ll be amazed at how much more in-control you feel by the end of it!

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Once your dog knows how to manage their aggression and use their protectiveness in appropriate ways, you can get back to loving your pup without fear of someone or something getting hurt. Contact Argos Dog Training today to schedule a consultation with one of our highly trained and experienced dog trainers! From minor aggression signals to serious behavioral issues, our team can help you with it all.