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Watertown MAArgos Dog Training is happy to provide the residents of Watertown Massachusetts with a wide range of their Boston-area dog training services. Similar to people living in most towns in the area, families living in Watertown are finding that their dog issues are making life difficult for them. Much of Watertown is highly condensed in terms of population and having a dog issue affects a lot of people around you. Whether it be running away, mis-behaving towards strangers or not paying attention, we can help fix the problem.

Our process works with lead dog trainer, Martin Wright speaking directly with you. During our free phone evaluation, we can talk about your situation, and was options work best for you. We will then meet for an in-person consultation to go further into detail about the issues. After our in-person consultation, you will be placed into the perfect training program for you.

Dog Training Programs are created based off:


To get an idea of the different dog training services we provide, please feel free to read through them. They will give you a good understanding of what direction you may want to head into.

For more information about Argos Dog Training & how we can work with Watertown residents, please feel free to give us a call at 617-778-8987 or fill out our online contact form.


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