What is the SuperCycles Dog Training Program?

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What is the SuperCycles Dog Training Program?

The SuperCycles Program stands out as a unique and comprehensive canine communication system. It not only equips you with techniques to engage your dog and understand their body language but also teaches you how to teach your dog concepts like Yes (I love what you are doing) and No (please stop doing that and pay attention to my lead), and how to create clear commands. It goes beyond basic obedience training; SuperCycles will teach you to predict your dog’s actions, use games to solve problems, and influence your dog’s perception of the world. This holistic approach helps you solve unwanted behavioral problems and fosters a profound relationship with your dog.

When a client chooses to study canine communication with me, my goal is that the client should never need another dog trainer for this or any future dog. I teach each client as if they are an apprentice dog trainer. I do it because anyone who owns a dog wants to Master communicating with the dog, and I see it as my role to facilitate that mastery. If we meet in person or virtually, my task is the same. I must give clients the information and confidence they need to start their practice and improve it over their dog’s life. When we start working together, I explain an exercise, a game, a command, or an activity. I tell the client why it is important to teach this activity and explain a few applications for it so the client knows some of the intended uses once we teach it to the dog. After answering questions, I demonstrate and explain how to teach the activity to the dog while the client watches. Then, I ask the client to practice it while I watch. I watch to ensure the client knows and performs their part of the exercise well. I give feedback about how to improve it and watch as the client applies the feedback. Then, once we get good enough, I tell the client to continue practicing that throughout the week, and we move on to the next activity. Every time my client practices the activity, they get better at it and develop a deeper understanding of the exercise and their dog. 

For those who prefer the flexibility of online training, my SuperCycles Virtual Programs offer the same quality of training as my in-person sessions. Each program includes short, focused video lessons where I explain an exercise and demonstrate it with a dog in training. I then encourage you to practice and record the exercise when you feel ready. Once you’ve recorded your practice, send me a 2-minute video clip. I review your clip and provide recorded feedback, usually within 12 – 48 hours, depending on your chosen program. This way, you can learn and improve at your own pace with the guidance and support of a professional dog trainer.

There is another element to my SuperCycles Program. It is something that I learned while studying Jujitzu. I practice Jujitzu at a “Gracie” Jujitzu Academy. The Gracie family develops and teaches a few hundred techniques. There are six different positions, and they teach about 50 techniques for each position. We spend a couple of months on each position, and when done, we move to the next position. When all the positions are completed, we start over with the first position. If attacked, you will be in at least one of those positions. This system teaches defense and offense in all of the positions. As you go through the “Master Cycle,” you practice defending and assaulting from each position so that you are calm and reasonably comfortable if you are attacked. Because of your practice, your movements and actions are automatic, fast, and effective. You are regularly tested as you repeat the cycles; if you pass, you are promoted through the belt system. 

The SuperCycles Program, with its 20 techniques, is a journey of continuous improvement for you and your dog. As you practice and progress, you will be recognized through our collar system, featuring five distinct colors: White, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black. These collars, earned through your hard work and achievements, symbolize your progress, instilling a sense of pride and motivation. 

Earning your collars in the SuperCycles Program is a journey of practice and improvement. It’s not just about completing the program but about demonstrating your understanding and application of the techniques. To earn your collars, you must access the SuperCycles Program, practice, and upload videos as described in the program. I work with all clients as they complete their first cycle and am available to mentor or coach when they repeat cycles for questions. This process ensures that you’re not just learning but also applying and mastering the techniques. 

If you want to study and practice canine communication with in-person Argos Dog Training, please click this LINK for details about my training programs. 

If you are more interested in training virtually, please click this LINK and then use the menu to select “Courses” and view the details about our virtual options. 

Thank you, and Enjoy Your Dog!!!