What to Do If Your Dog Wakes Up Too Early

What to Do If Your Dog Wakes Up Too Early

For many people, sleeping through the night can be difficult as is it, especially if you’re already basing your sleep schedule around children and then add a barking dog into the mix too. It’s important to ensure that you establish a healthy and consistent sleep-wake schedule for your pup, so that you both can get a restful night’s sleep!  Teach your dog to wait until you say it’s time with the following tips and tricks.

Consider his Health

First, you’ll want to make sure that your pet isn’t waking up too early because of an underlying medical condition. Dogs have very few ways to let us know that something is wrong, and being awake when no one else is might just be the only method of sounding alarm your dog has! Talk with your vet to make sure your dog is healthy before trying other options.

Get Plenty of Exercise

If your dog isn’t sleeping through the night, try to tire him out completely the evening before. If he’s exhausted enough, his body will naturally require a full night’s sleep to recharge. Try taking him for additional walks, playing fetch, or letting him run around the yard for a few laps.

Use the Bathroom

Let your dog out for his last bathroom opportunity later in the evening. Especially if your dog is younger, he might not have the capacity to last for hours and hours during the night—so, the later you let him out, the longer you’ll naturally have to sleep in. 

Remove the Triggers

Reduce the triggers for wakefulness around your dog’s crate. It’s simple- if your dog doesn’t wake up, he won’t wake you up! Adding in a white noise machine, a crate cover, or a baby gate if he’s not crated to restrict his movement will help him understand that bothering you isn’t an option. 

If all else fails, work incrementally to train him to wake up later. Figure out what his stimuli are, or set a new stimulus (such as the sound of your alarm clock) around when he usually wakes up. Then, move that stimulus later by five minutes every few days, and refuse to get up a second earlier! 

A Dog Trainer Can Help

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