Why Argos Dog Training?

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Argos Dog Training invests in our own education so we are continually learning a variety of techniques to help our clients. We work only with the most experienced and innovative trainers and methods in the industry.

Argos Dog Training also invests in learning about how to teach people. Whether you learn from watching, listening or kinetically, we will teach in a way that best suits you.

We carry the best quality training tools in-house; we include these in every training program so you have them right when you need them.

Argos Dog Training is committed to helping you learn as much as possible about dogs, dog training, and the latest research about dog behavior. Please click the link to see some of the quality that we provide.

Argos dog training in Boston
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dedicated to you and your dog

We have never asked a client to leave class because of their dog’s behavior; we help our clients through difficult situations with their pets. We encourage questions and communication with unlimited email and phone support. By improving the relationship between dogs and their owners we can solve almost any problem.

We provide an Argos community of support including our own videos and material on social media and client-only pack walks through real life situations. Really, we offer you the highest quality dog training and behavior modification services in Boston.

Argos Dog Training is 100% guaranteed; you remain our client for the life of your dog. If you work with your dog the way we have shown you for 10 to 20 minutes a day we guarantee your dog’s behavior will change.